Saturday, February 7, 2009

Notes From Workshops I Have Attended

Dr. Alan Cohen-SpeakerBuilding Great Relationships

Relationships are a journey to where you want to go with another person. Great relationships are developed.

9 keys to finding a good partner:

  • Great relationships are natural. Refuse to accept relationships that hurt you in any way. If it feels too good to be true it is good enough.

  • You get what you let. Willingness to receive. Let it flow.

  • Search for the beloved is a search for self. You must be whole to attract a whole person into your life.

  • Before you can "know" your souldmate, you must know your soul. Would you marry yourself?

  • Relationships are a journey and are fluid.

  • Ending a relationship does not equal failure. It ended, graduated. You gathered data during that relationship. You are wiser now. You build relationship consciousness over a lifetime. It eventually breaks through and you meet someone.

  • Realness rocks. Don't compromise who you are. If they don't like you "oh well".

  • Your essence is what people fall in love with. Who are you? Looks don't matter like essence matters. Essence is deeper than personality.

  • Be a love finder rather than a love seeker. Be loving. Walk in a field of love and let people catch "peace" from your essence.

  • Your heart always knows. Go where you are valued. Work with those who are willing. Don't push yourself into places you aren't appreciated.

Pat Rodgast-Emmanuel

  • Be patient, be kind, and you will heal. Be gentle on yourself.

  • Light a candle for yourself. Baby yourself. Hold ceremony for yourself.

  • Don't let fear edit your wisdom.

  • Be who you really are~eternal and perfect love.

  • Music is a faithful form of communication.

  • "What do you want?" versus "Who do you think you are?"

  • Bodily pains relate to spiritual issues-back pain=symbolically backing away from trouibles. Fear of death is held in the knees.

  • Never compare~everyone is unique

  • Individuality makes your life significant~you are divine.

  • You are never separated from your source~God.

Deepok Chopra-Happiness

  • Scientists have found that your heart cells actually do have the ability to think, feel compassion, etc. This is why you literally feel emotion in your heart.

  • Ultimately all goals are of a spiritual nature.

  • People often have stipulations about being happy, when actually the opposite is the reality...if you are happy, you will likely get all you want.

  • U.S. ranks low in overall happiness.

  • Your brain set point defines happiness. Creative people see brighter side.
    Meditation wil change set point for happiness.

  • As for cognitve therapy, you are holding onto an idea that is limiting you-release it.