Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mosiac Art Class Finished

Can you believe I made this pot? I actually made two. I will post both of them.

When I was a kid I never thought of myself as someone who could make art. It's probably due to the fact that most of the types of art work we did were not my thing. I wasn't a good drawer. You should see my handwriting. Anyway, as an adult I have decided that art comes in many forms. It's in the way you dress, wear your hair, the jokes you make, the food you cook, and the way you organize things. I decided in 2009 to take a few art classes. My mosaic class just ended and I would like to share my two pieces with you.


  1. Nice work! I myself do not have one artistic bone in my body. I remember back in grade school having friends with great drawing abilities. I couldn't believe how easy art was for them. Oh well. I guess we all have our strong points. :)

  2. David, Here is the thing....I surprized myself in making these pots. This pot was not hard to make, but I am not used to making things, so I am over-excited. Now I am decorating my house and having sooo much fun.